2 mars 2011

Power of now

I had lunch with a friend. She has everything I wish to have ; she is very unhappy. She dreams to be able to do what I'm about to launch. I wished I had the stability that destroys her.

"You should be a coach", she said, while my self is so lost sometimes that I just forget what I was just about to do. Giving advice is not that hard, pretending to know, faking confidence for others is not a difficult gimmick.

Perhaps, in another hand, I trust other and their guts more than mine. I can make them listen to what they just need, because being in their skin is actually easier than being in mine.

You say: look at the present, focus on now, start your life everyday from the beginning again. It's a good think to say. It's a powerful thought when it comes from outside. It's a great discovery, if you never have heard it before.

It's good sense, too. It is so obvious that you wonder how it could actually change your life. Will I be happier because I just focus on the flowers on my desk or on the shiny sky outside? By the way, what really means "being happier"?

Some will say that you should ask yourself only positive questions, and it is certainly a step on the right direction. "How could I achieve my goals" is much better than "I am so unhappy, why?" But it is possible only if you've already defined your goals.

I asked my friends what was her dream, or her craziest dreams. She had nothing to say. We started to fantasize about being back home in our cuddling, non-improving suburb.

And today morning, I suddenly freaked out about being there, without money and lost in material matters I wouldn't be able to cope with.

The fact is, past is past and future doesn't exist yet. I'm not even sure we can prepare it, or influence it. By imagining how it could probably turns bad, we think we are equipping ourself with garments, but in fact, we are just shutting blinds down and making the present disappear, waiting for some possible catastrophes to come.

In conclusion, living on the present would probably not make you happier right now ; but it is the only way to really live, and that is gut so.

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