12 mars 2011


It all started with a dream. Or, perhaps, to be honest, it all started a long time ago, with very strong feelings, these of a small girl wondering of how her life will be many years later.
But it goes on with a dream, the strangest that ever happened before. It was all certainty, a strong message you need to do something with.

Well, I did. I didn't really unterstand what the fuck I had to do, or what was the point, the goal, the need, and more than anything, why I felt concern now about an old situation -and its consequences in a year from now.

Then the weirds happen. A charm found on a airport baggage claim, a email exchange who brings you back a year ago, a search that couldn't obviously happen at an other time, a book dropped in a mail box, foreigners you should never have seen, people you should never have met. It's been so much it's pointless to score, something was talking to me, and it's been only a week.

It stopped like it started. The certainty vanished, I woke up and looked at it with no clear mind.

I just now know that I have to wait an other year. Things are just going the way the universe told me a year, or many years ago. I'm not really surprised, just amused my feelings's been so strong.

There is a calm year and a lot to do for myself ahead. I'm looking forward to seeing what brings the future. Appointment made.

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