18 octobre 2010

The cosmic deli

Je ne résiste pas à la tentation de partager avec vous cet extrait du Love & Sequins #9 de la nonpareille Gala Darling, consacré à la loi de l'attraction universelle [mieux vaut lire Love & Sequins que regarder cette vidéo mais j'avoue ça m'a fait rire] :

" Think of the universe as a big cosmic ordering system.

It can help to think about manifesting or quantum physics as like placing an order in a restaurant. A restaurant with a really huge menu! I like to picture it as an intergalactic diner. You pull up a chair in this restaurant which is whizzing around in space. It has big windows & you can see the stars, planets & solar systems all around you. The waitress --an alien with lots of eyes & many tentacles, but wearing an apron -- hands you a menu. It's a massive menu, one of those huge plastic jobs with pictures & bright colours, laminated so it can be wiped clean in case you spill food on it. There are lots of other people in this restaurant, too. A Frank Sinatra type. An Indian deity or two. Three accountants sitting at a booth. A hotelier. Richard Branson. You look back at the menu, & think about what you want. You summon the waitress. "I'd like a loving, fun & passionate relationship, please", you say. "Anything else?", she asks, disinterested. "Lots of media coverage. My own clothing line. A really fun-loving & caring group of friends. A trip to Disneyland every year. & a Corvette." She writes it all down, then says, "You wanna soda?" "Yeah, sure. A Sprite. Thanks." She walks into the kitchen & starts barking orders. & what do you do? You sit & wait. YOU SIT. & WAIT. You don't worry that the "food" is never coming. You don't worry that it's "not working". You can see them working away in the kitchen, & while it may take them some time, you know that eventually, it will be delivered to you. This is how it is in the real world too. You have to be patient. While you may not be able to see into the intergalactic kitchen, you will see small signs that what you've ordered is on its way. You have to pay attention to the celestial cues & cosmic clues. Sera Beak calls these "divine winks". Sera Beak knows her shit! "

PS : ça marche

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