20 octobre 2009

Paroles en bout de nuit

“When we speak of humanity, the idea is fundamental that this is something which separates and distinguishes man from nature. In reality, however, there is no such separation: “natural” qualities and those called truly “human” are inseparably grown together. Man, in his highest and noblest capacities, is wholly nature and embodies its uncanny dual character. Those of his abilities which are terrifying and considered inhuman may even be the fertile soil out of which alone all humanity can grow in impulse, deed, and work.”

- 1872 Nietzsche, 1872 -


Guess your dreams always end.
They don't rise up, just descend,
But I don't care anymore,
I've lost the will to want more,
I'm not afraid not at all,
I watch them all as they fall,
But I remember when we were young.

- Joy Division, "Insight", Unknown Pleasures -

"La nuit venait sur nous. Repoussés, nous gémissions. "Combien, disions-nous, cela va-t-il durer ?" Nous le disions à tout bout de champ, mais sans quitter pour autant ces façons d'agir, faute d'entrevoir, si nous les eussions quittées, aucune lueur de certitude à saisir. "

- Saint-Augustin, Confessions, livre sixième -

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