19 mars 2011


Sometimes I wished I could get away from everything. Just fly away from my life, the people I know, living without money in a world without news, society and radio sounds. I suddenly hate the world rumour beaching on my shore, the anger and the fear it wears.
I would like to be with no one, with no pressure, living in an eternal face to face with myself. I would not have to care about other people thinking, I would not have to accept criticism, advice, gossip.
I hate gossip so much. I'm already very far away from all this, I avoid personal implication and can't live a commitment. I even stopped to love -suddenly, it disappears, the memory of lovers vanished and it only stays a hole in me.
The sky is empty, and only the ugly sounds of the world screams are to be heard, threatening, terrible, loud, like a giant siren alarm that try to destroy our brain before we all explode.

But there is flowers on my table, the sun's shining outside, and it seems possible to try once again -who knows what happen next.

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