29 juin 2010

Le voyage et le temps

Pourquoi j'aime être née en décembre :

" Sagittarius is an optimist with a love of knowledge. The half man, half horse that symbolizes Sagittarius describes their dual nature. Sagittarius has a constant need for mental and physical stimulation, and while the higher mind searches for the meaning of life, the lower half represents their instinctual and passionate side. The Saggitarian is learning to see the underlying consistency within all human aspiration, so that his sense of meaningfulness in life can be taught to others. Sagittarius sees life as an adventure, a journey, and a quest. And they want to make the journey as interesting and varied as possible. Their deepest motivation is to explore and understand life. Sagittarius is trying to broaden their scope and enlarge consciousness. Life is interesting to Sagittarius, and to be explored and ultimately understood. "

- via AstroDistpatch

Playing with time

" replenish and re-fill

filling up with:

the power of falling apart

without dissonance

time lost

time lost to the yuckiness, the overwhelming, the hurt

but then —

scheduling in time for all of it

for the freakouts and for the coming-down

for rollerskating and ritual and finger painting with pudding

scheduling a temper tantrum

scheduling time to make inappropriate noises

scheduling time to ask: what needs to happen now?

scheduling time to ask: what does this need?

because boundaries give spaciousness

because quality restorative time is a valid component of work

and I can block out time to go and daydream by the river

even if there is no river

because freedom, creativity, simplicity

dissolve guilt

taking time and talking to time and talking about time is investing in my work

it’s dancing between the drops

I want a beautiful timer

to remind me about the river "

- via Havi Brooks

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