7 octobre 2009

Ce qu'apprend l'acteur

" Tony Robbins writes a lot about our “emotional states” and how we can change them by simply changing our posture and the way we behave. Rather than slouch because we’re tired, we can feel tired because we slouch! We have an enormous capacity to feel great, and huge energy reserves we don’t tap into because we’re too busy playing a part that doesn’t take these resources into consideration. This explains why terminally ill patients can enjoy their last breaths, without feeling bad about their condition. They’re not playing the part of the patient.
We can play the part of the victim, the overworked professional, the patient, the social outcast, the bad parent and any of a long list of possible negative roles. Or we can play a more positive role that helps us enjoy our days and make the most out of the resources we have available to us. What role are you playing in your life, and how can you change that to enjoy what life has to offer you? "

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