8 juillet 2009

Pourquoi la peur

Changer peut-être
y croire
poser le fardeau

" We’ve got to change we’ve got to grow we’ve got to throw our fears away? what use are fears? most of them at least. they hold us back. are you afraid to love? why? are you afraid of getting your heart broken? (IT WILL HEAL IT WILL.) are you afraid to make friends? why? are you afraid they’ll grow disinterested & run? (THEY MAY, THOSE ONES ARE NOT WORTH IT.) are you afraid to live the life you desire? why? someone may disapprove, you may not have as much money to spend, you may lose yourself for a bit? (THOSE THINGS MAY JUST HAPPEN REGARDLESS.) think of all there is to gain by GOING FORWARD past these fears & embracing what you may gain? love someone! you may find your future & yourself. make friends! even if you don’t stay in contact with them all, you may network & meet neater ones with more interesting interests! live your life! you may just discover how truly beautiful it can be. make a list of your biggest fears, the ones that hold you back from truly existing to the fullest. write a pro for what you could gain by facing the fear & one con for the worst that could happen (something plausible) & see which one offers you the better life. "

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