23 juin 2009

Ecoutons-nous ?

I have the feeling the coming week will be weird–not weird scary or weird freaky, but weird as in the old English or Norse sense; we don’t have a word anymore that directly corresponds to this, some combination of karma, fate, the timing of synchronicity, and it all carries a sense that the energy must be respected, that it is imbued with an aura of the sacred. To my mind it’s the energy that fed the legends of the gods, a perspective that feels an intangible current running through the Collective (and so each individual) that is like a living thing itself, acting in the life as a power that must be discerned, negotiated, considered at every turn–and so could be perceived as the will of god-Beings, played out mysteriously in everyday events and choices, speaking to us–and as always the question is, do we listen?

de Julie Dembowski

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