20 juin 2009

Du détachement

Quelques lignes lues sur le site Luminous Heart, de Mahala Mazerov : le temps de la lecture, on croit à la possibilité du détachement et du changement. Notre vie doit pouvoir être un chantier autre que d'archéologie.

At the most basic level, the definition of suffering is wanting things to be different than the way they are. We crave things we don’t have. We try to push away things we have but don’t want. In these ways we unintentionally create our own suffering. (…) In Buddhist practice, we are reminded again and again we can take adversity as the path. In other words, we can face adversity, bow to it, and use it as a means of cultivation. (…) For over 5 intensely difficult months my mental landscape had been relatively calm. Now I watched my thoughts spin out, creating stress and unhappiness. Creating suffering. My mental landscape obscured by dust storms.(…) The disappointment is not easy. I’m coming back to taking things as they are, and that’s decidedly not easy either. But I have a feeling taking adversity as the path is far easier than creating suffering in the name of desire.


Can I be on the spot with an open heart? In these moments I come face to face with the naked truth of practice. Maybe I will catch a happy glimpse of fruition, “Ah, I handled that a little better than I would have in the past.” Just as often I will see my lack of skillful means, the button that got pushed again. Both provide their own motivation for continuing to meditate. Meditation is a dynamic process of cultivating heart and mind while actively engaged with the world.


We don’t have the ability to control our circumstances in any given moment. But we always have choices in how we respond. We get to choose who we are and who we become. Maybe we have to make that choice more than once. Maybe we have to keep re-inventing ourselves, especially when life turns upside down. (…) Meditation provides a vehicle, a chariot, for transformation. You can hope for more than stress-relief. Make room to shift beyond self-grasping to discovering comfort in the world. Make room to become who you are inside, regardless of outer circumstances.

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